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Our holistic approach …

distinguishes us from traditional structures. We transcend conventional strategies by integrating innovative solutions, fostering strategic partnerships and driving operational efficiencies. Emphasising collaboration, ethical practices, and social impact, we not only meet client needs but also contribute positively to communities and environments in which we operate.

With our diverse expertise and commitment to excellence, we serve as catalysts for positive change, empowering our clients to thrive in an ever-evolving landscape.

Under the Circus Tent

Reviews from key stakeholders …

Founding Partners & Directors

Picture of Deon Pienaar
Deon Pienaar


My eye for the unusual and love of cultural and conservation stories has inspired me to showcase unique tourism destinations and experiences on various marketing platforms using innovative design and evocative content.

Spring Art Fair, 2021
Picture of Lisa Martus
Lisa Martus


Supporting the curation of immersive tourism experiences fuels my passion as a trained facilitator, mentor and writer. I empower artists, musicians and crafters to share their stories, grow as entrepreneurs and thrive as individuals

Founders Weekend, October 2017
Picture of Neil Shaw
Neil Shaw


Balancing the community-focused heart of the organisation with sound business practice, I create innovative and effective management solutions with the potential to impact positively on people’s lives.

The Traveling Circus in Namibia, 2018

Our Management Approach

Holacracy is not just a management practice; it’s a philosophy tailored for the modern era. It celebrates the essence of our individual humanity, recognising and harnessing our innate autonomy, creativity and capacity for innovative problem-solving.

In Holacracy, traditional hierarchical structures are replaced with a dynamic system where everyone has the opportunity to lead and contribute. Instead of top-down directives, decision-making authority is distributed across the organisation, fostering a culture where each individual has a stake in the success of the collective whole.

One of the defining features of Holacracy is its fluidity and adaptability. Depending on the project or initiative, teams organically form around specific roles and responsibilities. While someone may take the lead on a particular task, the fluid nature of roles means that leadership can shift based on expertise, interest or evolving needs.

This approach empowers our teams to be flexible, adaptable, and agile in responding to challenges and opportunities. By embracing Holacracy, we unlock the full potential of our workforce, encouraging creativity, innovation and collaboration at every level of the organisation.
Picture of Neil Shaw
Neil Shaw


Neil, a dedicated professional with a First-Class degree in Third World Development and Economics, brings over a decade of experience in capacity building and skills development. His expertise spans the Private, Development, and Government sectors, offering Business and Operations Management services to SMMEs, NPCs, Associations and Private Sector Businesses across South Africa and Namibia.

With a keen eye for technology, Neil has adeptly implemented online tools and workflow automation solutions, leveraging platforms such as Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, Canva, Miro, and Notion to enhance operational procedures. His natural ability to connect with key individuals and entities underscores his effectiveness in driving collaborative initiatives. Neil’s passion for community development, youth empowerment and conservation is evident in his commitment to supporting entities that share similar values and goals.
Picture of HERB ADAMS


With a Post Graduate Degree in Accounting, Herb Adams joined The Traveling Circus in January 2024 to bolster our strategic expansion into new destinations and business opportunities. With almost ten years of experience in financial oversight within both the private and professional sectors, Herb offers invaluable expertise in managing fiscal matters. His background includes overseeing financial systems, conducting audits, and ensuring regulatory compliance, providing unique insights into the organisation’s overall financial picture.

Herb is a seasoned professional with a diverse background in finance, strategic growth, and technology. Passionate about tech, he is a self-taught web developer and coder, empowering The Traveling Circus ecosystem through our Business Automation and Knowledge Management Systems. Herb’s expertise lies in developing innovative financial strategies, streamlining operational processes and leveraging technology to drive business growth.

With a keen eye for detail and a commitment to excellence, Herb plays a pivotal role in shaping the future success of The Traveling Circus.
Theory Of Change
As a social enterprise, our impact extends across our ecosystem, aiming to create job opportunities, improve livelihoods and empower real ownership within communities.

We achieve this through:
Immersive Tourism Experiences
Destination Marketing & Management
Business Automation & Digital Ecosystem Development
Partnerships & Collaborations
Highlighted Projects
Since 2017, The Traveling Circus and our affiliated entities have been supporting Destination Marketing, Operational Support and Strategic Growth for a variety of businesses, cooperatives, associations and non-profit companies.

Ribola Art Route

Project Type:
With support from the Department of Sport, Arts & Culture, The Traveling Circus provided strategic support to five (5) artists in the development of an online auction and an e-commerce platform.

The aim of the project was to unpack opportunities for artists to diversify their income streams.

The Adventurists

Project Type:
The League of Adventurists International contracted The Traveling Circus to compile a Feasibility Assessment on expanding into Southern Africa.

The next phase includes development of marketing material in preparation for running up-to 3 tours per year in Namibia.

Vhembe Biosphere

Project Type:
VBR secured a marketing contract to enhance their brand positioning. With funding from USAID, Deon Pienaar from The Traveling Circus was contracted to design and develop the website. In addition, local experts were contracted to translate elements of the site into Tshivenda and Xitsonga.

NTB Roadshow

Project Type:
In collaboration with Yoli N Consulting, The Traveling Circus developed a Master Class on Sustainable Tourism Practices for community-based and cultural tourism products. Reaching over 300 delegates throughout Namibia.


Project Type:
Tour de Force & Adventure Logistics contracted TTC to design a 16-day tour in Kunene Region, Namibia.

The project included negotiating with communal conservancies in Northern-western Namibia for exclusive camping rights and the development of immersive tourism experiences.

Women in Tourism

Project Type:
In June 2020, The Traveling Circus and Atras Tours & Heritage was contracted to develop a situational analysis on Women in Tourism. The target site was Limpopo Province and numerous tourism products, cooperatives and associations engaged in the programme.

Sustainable Ecotourism Development

Project Type:
The Traveling Circus was commissioned by ZZ2 to compile market research on Ecotourism in Limpopo Province.

The aim of the project was to unpack new opportunities for the organisation to invest into community development, arts & crafts, and activity based tourism.

Saving the Survivors

Project Type:
Through our various marketing campaigns, The Traveling Circus team met key representatives from Saving the Survivors. With the aim of increasing awareness for the work the organisation does in Limpopo, a video production was produced along with key marketing material.

Pelagic Wake Global

Project Type:
A new start-up NPC, Pelagic Wake Global contracted The Traveling Circus to provide strategic operational support and develop their Journalism Division. This included the designing of a website, establishment of a Podcast Series (Beginnings), and reviewing strategies for producing written content.
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